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Real Life Skin Care for the Healthcare Professional: Our Conversation with Katie

A 12-hour shift anywhere is a long day. Especially if you’re on your feet the whole time taking care of patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). Now add the discomfort of your hands being constantly scrubbed, lathered, rinsed, and gloved- all for good reason- but sometimes it’s the little things that can make or break your day.

We recently met Katie, a registered nurse in Philadelphia, PA and a colleague of Kim’s in the ICU, who is also working on creating a balanced skin care routine for her hands.

“In the ICU, there’s a huge risk for infection. We deal with catheters and central lines etc., so you must always wash your hands before and after you touch each patient,” Katie continued, “The soaps we use at work have harsh cleansing chemicals. Most people use A&D to help heal their hands but you’re guaranteed to have cracked and bleeding hands anyway, especially in the winter.”

While Katie has tired amolee body cream, it was the bar soap that inspired a change in her skin care routine. She said the body cream had great texture and moisture for her skin but it was more important to use a gentler soap at home, away from work.

“I love amolee bar soap. I use it on my kids and at home. There are no harsh chemicals,” Katie continued, “My youngest son has allergies and I’ve noticed less irritation on his skin since using amolee. It’s not as drying as other soaps when you get out of the shower.”

Katie expressed concern about what she buys for her family. While she admitted not always being about to trust other products and their ingredients, she was happy to introduce her family to amolee.

“The number one thing I look at when I’m looking into a skin care product are the ingredients, especially today, with our generation having kids, you want what’s best for them.”

Taking care of her skin at home is important to her since she cannot change the conditions of her work environment. This way Katie can use a gently cleansing and nourishing soap she trusts at home to balance the effects work has on her skin and provide a quality product for her family.

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