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About Us

We’re on a mission to bring you back to the rudiments of skin care.

We’re a small skin care company located in Philadelphia, PA, created by physician Fabian A. Vengoechea M.D., committed to crafting gentle, high-quality products that nourish the body and are kind to the environment.

Inspired by the cleansing properties of botanicals, our creams and soaps are made with plant-derived moisturizers and essential oils, and are completely free of animal ingredients and artificial fragrances and coloring.

A letter to you, from Fabian

Oftentimes, a healthcare professional’s skin becomes vulnerable as a result of constant washing, scrubbing, and sanitizing. As a board-certified physician, I have experienced the painful side effects of frequent antiseptic hand washes, alcohol-based hand scrubs, and surgical detergents that are necessary to prevent infections in medical settings.

Motivated by solutions to reduce and soothe skin irritation among my friends and colleagues, I have made it my life’s mission to develop safe, affordable, natural, and gentle skin care products for everyday use that the entire family can enjoy.

Today, I am proud to bring you amolee™, an effective line of skincare products developed with healthcare professionals and their families in mind.

My promise to you: no gimmicks, no hype, no false claims, just skincare backed by research. All of us here at amolee share one goal—to make simple, natural, and responsible products.

Fabian A. Vengoechea M.D.