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Our Essential Oils: Lavender

Lavandula angustifolia

One of our favorite essential oils is lavender. People have been using this flower and its essential oil in a multitude of ways throughout history: from teas and tinctures to bathing/household products, aromatherapy, and cooking. We’ve incorporated lavender throughout our collection not only because of its appealing, floral, relaxing aroma but also because of its history of wellness.

Lavender invokes a sense of stillness and calm. In today’s society, it’s important to get as many as those moments as possible, even if it’s in the shower, while washing your hands, or moisturizing. Every moment counts because the present is all we have.

We want you to have the benefits of essential oils while avoiding harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. You work hard all day. Your soap shouldn’t be hard on you.

Be well,

Team amolee

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** While we are founded by a physician, our skin care products are not meant to cure or treat any disease. Please consult your doctor if you have extremely sensitive skin and/or have never used products containing essential oils.

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