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TIF Bootstrap Theme

Social Bar

This TIF item can be added to any content area by calling the shortcode below. The buttons are added through the fields on the Homepage. There you can add a social icon, background icon, link and unique classes to the li elements. Colors and sizes are controlled in the style.less on the ‘ul.social-links’ class.

Basic Button

This button can be added to any content area. The button accepts 4 attributes (id, class, link, and copy) Colors and sizes are controlled in the style.less via ‘.btn-tif’ as an extension of the Bootstrap 3 .btn class. The class ‘.btn-lg’ or ‘.btn-sm’ can be added to customize the size of the button.

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Call To Action

This is a horizontal call to action bar. The item takes a class, title (h2), copy (h4) and type which will define it as nested inside of the .container (1) . All styles are set in style.less on the ‘.cta-tif’ class. A button shortcode can be included inside of the cta shortcode.

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Contact Form

This is a basic contact form. The form fields are created in the Contact Form 7 plugin. The subsequent shortcode is created and then can be added to the page in a content area. Styling is controlled in style.less via the ‘.wpcf7-text’ class and subsequent child classes.