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Our goal? A confident, happy, and above all, healthy you. Amolee physician-formulated skincare combines scientific research with the power of nature to create formulations that actually work!  


Amolee™ Skin Care

  • Innovative skincare that leverages both science & nature and doesn’t break the bank.
  • Physician-led R&D team focused on developing luxurious and gentle, yet powerful formulations using green chemistry and sound science.
  • Ingredients matter! We strive to deliver potent, nourishing products rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants that promote healthy skin and healing.
  • We say N.O. to parabens, sulfates, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.
  • We say Y.E.S. to sustainably harvested ingredients. Proudly cruelty-free!
  • Holistic approach to skincare that leverages the mind, body, and spirit connection.

Try Amolee Moisturizing Body Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin and Save 20% !

A rich hypoallergenic ultra-moisturizing cream that is suitable for all skin types, but particularly effective at soothing and reducing irritation and discomfort caused by dry skin. The non-greasy, never sticky, fragrance-free antidote to your troubled skin is dermatologist-tested, and best of all, it’s great for your body from head to toe. Our signature triple-oil blend is infused with Marula Oil and Shea Butter. The result, a formulation that intensely nourishes your skin and provides moisturizing results you can see and feel. Click here to learn more about this incredible formulation that melts right into your skin!

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”
– Buddha


I have been using Amolee Moisturizing Cream everyday after showering. My highly sensitive skin feels amazing! This product feels heavenly and highly nourishing! Thank you!
Lucy Chaney