Skin Types | Light, non-oily consistency; gentle choice for all skin-types; zero chance of clogging pores

Key Properties

Packed with LINOLEIC ACIDS that aid in balancing sebum (natural skin oils) levels; provides wound healing properties; prevents dryness and roughness; removes dirt and oil

MILD OCCLUSIVE means it creates a moisture barrier on the skin

Botanical alternative to synthetic EMOLLIENTS; absorbs into the skin serving as a delivery mechanism for nutrients


Skin Types | In most people, its incredibly effective on all skin types (normal, dry, oily, combination and acne-prone)

Key Properties

High in ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS that help lock moisture in the skin.

LINOLEIC ACID content makes it effective at protecting the skin against bacteria and germs; an anti-inflammatory (caused by acne, dermatitis and sunburns); accelerates the recovery and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier (supporting its ability to retain moisture)

VITAMIN A, C & D –rich make it effective at fighting acne


Skin Types | A WAX ESTER (not an oil per se), it resembles human sebum (the oil naturally produced by skin) making it suitable for all skin types (including sensitive and acne prone skin)

Key Properties

As an HUMECTANT jojoba promotes long-acting skin moisture

It’s an EMOLLIENT meaning it does not clog pores

VITAMIN E (an antioxidant) content aids in reducing inflammation and speeds-up skin regeneration

Since it’s IODINE-rich it fights bacterial growth (helpful controlling acne breakouts)

Combination of VITAMIN E & IODINE makes it ideal for soothing inflamed, compromised skin