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Marula Oil, “the great moisture retainer.” Crafted by nature, tested by time.

Who doesn’t want healthy skin? Beyond appearance, it’s essential. The skin performs so many vital tasks for your body; caring for it is a priority. Ok, so where do you start? 


Your skin (whether it’s normal, dry, combination, or oily) loses water every day. An effective moisturizer will reduce evaporation, creating a protective seal on the skin’s surface that lock’s in moisture. But how do you manage, if your skin skews oily? Well… if you don’t moisturize, it will overcompensate by producing more oil. Bummer, right? If your skin leans dry, water loss is evident. Soothing the unbearable tightness, cracks, and redness that comes with the discomfort is must. But with so many options, figuring out what is best for your skin can be daunting. 


At Amolee, we’ve got you covered! Our body cream for sensitive skin is free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. Best of all, it’s formulated with 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade, cold-pressed Marula oil.


Why Marula oil? Simple, it’s a gentle powerhouse! Tested by time and nature, it’s been revered as a cure-all for centuries. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, the oil (known as the “great moisture retainer“) is extracted from the tree’s kernels. We love it because it’s made up of compounds that closely mimic the skin. As a result, it’s lightweight and fast absorbing. This means it’s non-greasy and penetrates deep. The outcome is a nutrient-rich boost of: 

  • Amino acids (that support the health of your skin barrier)
  • Fatty acids (to aid in preventing the breakdown of collagen and elastin -proteins that keep your skin firm, soft, and supple)
  • Antioxidants (vitamins C and E) work together to repair the skin


It all sounds great, right? But let’s address the elephant in the room. Is Marula oil right for your skin?  Here’s the scoop… Marula excels at sealing in moisture. If your skin is dehydrated or considered normal, dry, very dry or combination, it’s definitely a go-to! However, its fine texture also makes it a good choice for oily skin because it absorbs quickly. Add to this impressive list –anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefitsthe outcome? An excellent agent for treating stretch marks, blemishes, and acne-causing bacteria.

Our verdict on Marula oil is a resounding… WOW! What’s yours? Try Amolee Moisturizing Body Cream for Sensitive Skin and let us know!



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Skin Types | Safe for every skin type (normal, dry, oily, combination and acne-prone)

Key Properties

CETYL ESTERS condition the skin and lock-in moisture that sooth, flacking skin

Rich in LINOLEIC, PALMITIC, STEARIC & OLEIC fatty acids that balance oils on skin

Antioxidant VITAMINS A,E and F that promote circulation and healthy cell growth


Skin Types | Great for all skin types but particularly helpful for both oily, acne-prone and dry skin

Key Properties

FATTY ACID content make it a great nonocclusive moisturizer

Rich in OMEGA & OLEIC acids it’s a key factor in replenishing and repairing skin barrier function

Wide spectrum of EMOLIENTS (vitamin E, Omega-3, 6 and 9) make it a great moisturizing agent for dray skin

ANTIMICROBIAL properties make it effective against bacteria (that can cause acne)


Skin Types | Light, non-oily consistency; gentle choice for all skin-types; zero chance of clogging pores

Key Properties

Packed with LINOLEIC ACIDS that aid in balancing sebum (natural skin oils) levels; provides wound healing properties; prevents dryness and roughness; removes dirt and oil

MILD OCCLUSIVE means it creates a moisture barrier on the skin

Botanical alternative to synthetic EMOLLIENTS; absorbs into the skin serving as a delivery mechanism for nutrients


Skin Types | In most people, its incredibly effective on all skin types (normal, dry, oily, combination and acne-prone)

Key Properties

High in ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS that help lock moisture in the skin.

LINOLEIC ACID content makes it effective at protecting the skin against bacteria and germs; an anti-inflammatory (caused by acne, dermatitis and sunburns); accelerates the recovery and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier (supporting its ability to retain moisture)

VITAMIN A, C & D –rich make it effective at fighting acne


Skin Types | A WAX ESTER (not an oil per se), it resembles human sebum (the oil naturally produced by skin) making it suitable for all skin types (including sensitive and acne prone skin)

Key Properties

As an HUMECTANT jojoba promotes long-acting skin moisture

It’s an EMOLLIENT meaning it does not clog pores

VITAMIN E (an antioxidant) content aids in reducing inflammation and speeds-up skin regeneration

Since it’s IODINE-rich it fights bacterial growth (helpful controlling acne breakouts)

Combination of VITAMIN E & IODINE makes it ideal for soothing inflamed, compromised skin

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